Geotechnical Engineering

SFB provides a full suite of geotechnical engineering services to help clients evaluate, understand, manipulate and manage the behavior of the earth materials affecting their projects. SFB personnel are highly experienced in the wide variety of geotechnical engineering investigation, design and construction methodologies.

Using the latest design methods, academic research and construction innovations, we guide our clients to best solutions for their needs. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Site Investigation and Characterization
  • Planning, Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies
  • Mass Grading and Earthwork Analysis and Design
  • Landslide Evaluations
  • Slope Stabilization Design and Preparation of Remediation Plans
  • Shallow Foundation Design and Construction Alternative Analyses
  • Deep Foundation Investigations and Designs
  • Surface and Subsurface Water Mitigation Evaluation
  • Utility Trench and Backfill Design
  • Canal and Levee Investigation and Analysis
  • Demolition and Site Preparation Recommendations
  • Settlement and Consolidation Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies
  • Pavement Design for Asphaltic Concrete, Rigid Concrete and Paver Blocks
  • Pavement Distress Evaluation and Remediation
  • Unstable Subgrade Evaluation and Remediation
  • Site Stabilization and Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Site Seismic Response Studies
  • Seismic and Earthquake Design Criteria for Structures
  • Excavation and Shoring Designs
  • Dewatering Assessments for Construction
  • Infiltration and Permeability Testing for Storm Water System Design
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Reinforced Earth and Geo-Grid Slope and Wall Design
  • Construction Observation, Inspection and Materials Testing for Earthwork Operations Including Mass Grading, Roadway Construction, Landside Repair and Subdrainage Installation, Deep Foundation Systems, Ground Improvement Technologies, and Instrumentation and Monitoring of Slopes and Excavations
  • Forensic Analyses
  • Geotechnical and Construction Materials Laboratory Testing