Seaside Highlands, Seaside, California

SFB provided Special Inspection services for the construction of 380 post-tensioned concrete foundations at the Seaside Highlands residential redevelopment project at the old Fort Ord military base located just north of Monterey, California. Acting with approval of the Building Official, SFB’s certified Special Inspectors provided the following post-tensioned foundation inspection services:

  • Pre-pour inspections of subgrade materials, moisture barriers, reinforcing steel and tensioning cables;
  • Inspection during placement of concrete including quality tests for temperature and slump and preparation of concrete samples for laboratory strength testing;
  • Inspection during cable tensioning to measure cable elongations and jacking forces; and
  • Laboratory testing of concrete samples for compressive strength.

SFB offers a range of special inspection and materials testing services performed by certified inspectors using modern testing equipment and procedures. SFB’s professional and technical staff has provided local experience, expert knowledge, and outstanding service to various industries, public agencies, commercial and residential developers, and other design professionals.

SFB provides Special Inspection and Materials Testing services for the following construction: concrete, shotcrete, post-tensioned concrete, structural masonry, anchor bolts and hold-downs, pre-cast and pre-stress pile fabrication, and structural welding inspections. Additional services may be provided upon request.