United States Mint, San Francisco, California

The ten acres of hillsides surrounding the historic U.S. Mint in San Francisco required stabilization in order to prevent additional undermining and instability of the U.S. Mint facility. SFB’s engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers performed historical research, mapping, and investigations to prepare plans and specifications for installation of remedial measures.

To stabilize the hillsides, SFB utilized state-of-the-art and cost effective techniques including active and passive anchored rock mesh, debris catchment walls, anchored and sculpted concrete buttresses, and anchored erosion control blankets with minimal disruption to the Mint’s operations.  SFB’s expertise was utilized by the Treasury to assist in all of the Mint’s construction bid processes and phasing of work.

Due to the Treasury’s confidence in SFB’s work, SFB also planned, designed, and supported the construction of the Mint’s new emergency egress pathway with associated hillside retaining walls. SFB provided all construction observation monitoring, testing, and inspections, and acted as lead geologist and engineer during all construction.