Professional Services

SFB provides a full suite of geotechnical engineering services to help clients evaluate, understand, manipulate and manage the behavior of the earth materials affecting their projects. SFB personnel are highly experienced in the wide variety of geotechnical engineering investigation, design and construction methodologies.

SFB provides a comprehensive storm water management program to assist project owners and managers with obtaining regulatory approvals and managing site compliance with strict Local, State and Federal storm water pollution laws during construction. SFB staff includes two Qualified SWPPP Designers (QSD’s), ten Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP), and one Trainer of Record to prepare and implement SWPPP’s as required by California regulations.

SFB provides engineering geology services to identify and mitigate the potential geologic hazards affecting project planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Our geologic hazard studies are performed by registered geologists and certified engineering geologists.

SFB engineers and certified engineering technicians provide construction inspection and testing services for geotechnical engineering projects and operations. SFB’s certified special inspectors provide materials testing and special inspection services for numerous materials and activities. With over twelve full-time engineering technicians located throughout the greater Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley and Monterey Peninsula, SFB is able to staff construction projects efficiently and respond quickly.

SFB provides forensic analysis and expert services for a variety of geotechnical, geological, storm water management and construction quality issues. SFB has extensive experience providing third-party design and construction evaluations.